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As the cold air is moving our way, it is time to get your vehicle winterized. The winter months can be hard on your vehicle, and cold temperature can effect its operations. To help you prepare, we have included a few maintenance tips to help you keep your car running great.

AIR- CONDITIONING SYSTEMS:  Although the weather does not call for it; remember to run your air-conditioning systems approximately 15 minutes a week. This helps keep the a/c system lubricated and working properly.

FLUID LEVELS: Check all fluids, Oil & transmission fluid etc. Remember wiper fluid reservoir needs to be filled with de-icing solution. As for the antifreeze, the later model vehicles have different types of antifreeze. It is important not to mix coolants, so find out what you are using in your particular automobile. The recommended minimum temperature is –25 degrees. Make sure the condition, the level, and the ratio are correct. Usually a mix of 50/50 of antifreeze and water is appropriate. When your engine is cold, remove the radiator cap and check the coolant for visible debris, for example, a brown or rust color, or oily residue. If this is the case, inspect the overflow tank which may be plugged. Also, check the radiator cap; it may need to be replaced.

WIPER BLADES: If your blades are sticking, it’s time to replace them. Also, remember to loosen your windshield wipers if frozen before turning them on because frozen blades can result in wiper motor and linkage damage.

FUEL SYSTEM: Condensation builds in the fuel system during hot weather. It is a really good idea to keep your gas tank at least half full and purchase a fuel treatment additive to remove moisture before it can freeze in the lines. Also, remember to change your fuel filter every ten thousand miles. Most check engine lights are a result of a dirty or a clogged fuel filter.

TIRES: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and rotate them every five thousand miles. This will ensure safer travel on wintry roads as well as better gas mileage.   

BRAKES:  Listen for any grabbing or grinding noises. Any give or play in your brake pedal can be a disaster. Get your brakes checked to insure safety for you and your family.

THE CHARGING SYSTEM: It takes more amperage to start a motor during cold weather. It is essential to check your battery and alternator. Dirty terminals can prevent full charging from your alternator resulting in both battery and alternator failure. Even low maintenance and maintenance free batteries should periodically have the levels checked to ensure a constant and reliable start. 

Here at Rick’s Repair, we provide many services and specialize in air-conditioning, brake repair, filter changes, oil change, major tune-ups, diagnostics, and electrical.  We also can do all your new vehicle’s maintenance and keep your warranty book up to date for factory warranties. At Rick’s Repair, we cover all types of gas and diesel engines including cars, farm equipment, tractor-trailers, and motor homes. We have a full crew to serve your automotive needs. Our emphasis is doing a complete and quality job for a reasonable cost.

We understand how valuable the relationship is between a person and their mechanic; doing an outstanding job at servicing your vehicle is what makes us “your mechanic.” We believe that our outstanding services, the fact that we are family owned & operated, and above all “Christ centered” can make a difference.

Thank you in advance for allowing us to assist you and your family in having safer travel, 

Our prayer for you & your family is that Jesus is the Lord of your life and that your eternal future is absolutely established.

ROMANS 10:9-10 & MATTHEW 6:33

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